CollectionFall Winter 2019-20

The 2019 Autumn/Winter collection by Cettina Bucca is “LIBER” (the Latin term for the extraordinary concept of freedom), a collection that freely explores the infinite worlds that spring from the imagination of those who create, who read. Reading, entering on tiptoe or rushing headfirst into the stories we encounter. Places in which we can inhabit different lives, consciously and simultaneously, and discover how others move, how they think, what excites them and how they express their emotions. So that magically, they become our own, our desires, our own interior provocation. This is how our dreams, our discoveries and our journeys towards unknown places begin, by taking us along different pathways, slowly but surely on the road to self-discovery. This collection is entirely dedicated to the magic of gradually unveiled stories that leave us with new delight in our hearts. When we close the book we are not the same; we are richer, more conscious, freer and lighter. It is the sort of lightness that suspends us in mid-air, bringing joy to our eyes and soul. These are the ideas behind our new collection of warm colours: browns, rusts, yellows, camels and reds, like the covers of the books on our shelves and in our memories. Like the yellowed pages of our best-loved books enriched by the curiosity and passion of the reader. Colours softened by the fresh tones of sky blue, blues and creams, the nuances of the imagination, of the sea and sky, and of our emotions. We have mixed and interwoven the darkest and lightest tones to create unique stories and prints from the source of our inspiration for this collection: books. Microprints juxtaposed with larger and medium-sized prints to symbolize graphic signs and sketchy geometric figures, abstractions created by fascinating minds that meet on different frequencies. To help tell our story, we have chosen graceful forms reminiscent of the past. The dresses and coats have a soft, wider shape, inspired by vintage lines from the fifties and sixties, alongside more form-fitting shapes, but each garment shows its contemporary nature. References taken from the inspiration behind our collection, and brought to life through an extraordinary blend of colours, textures and prints.