Collection Spring Summer 2022

In the dreams of each of us there is always a travel to which we aspire the most. A travel that is raised on others for the beauty that we think can await us when we cross the threshold of that place, finding ourselves immersed in the joy of knowledge and the discovery and savouring the taste of adventure. The same preparation of a suitcase is a ritual that is an integral part of the travel and it leads us to choose what belongs to us as our clothes or a soft pullover for the evenings of the most intense cold. The expectation, desire and emotion that accompany the preparation, make it exciting and fantastic. The travel can be understood in a metaphorical sense as an expression of abandonment within ourselves, of inner searching. Italo Svevo's The Conscience of Zeno is the work that above all highlights the travel as desire. The new collection of Cettina Bucca is inspired by this desire to yearn, to imagine, to invent places to discover and to decipher inside and outside oneself. To every travel, imaginary or not, we give a unique meaning that coincides with what we are and what we have become. The precision and tailoring of the cuts are accompanied by exclusive prints that make the fabrics personalised and dynamic and they testify the craftsmanship and sartorial care that has always distinguished the brand. The prints chosen for the new season speak of movement, unusual transports and places to explore. The fabrics chosen are natural and in the small part also recycled, from eco-sustainable and green companies. The colours, the bright and clarifying ones of the coming summer, shine and harmonise, mixing together in a lively palette. The sensuality and delicacy of the lines characterize the romantic garments with a strong identity without sacrificing the perfect combination of comfort and elegance, practicality and style. Different lengths and pretty accessories accompany the clothes, defining the style and inciting to leave for unexplored destinations. The proposed looks to put into travel suitcase, are completed by colourful, soft and super low sandals that take up the same prints of collection. The foulards are as always, a must have and their prints show the countless way in which they can be worn.