Long Shirt Winter Collection

The island of Sicily, a constant source of inspiration for our designs, shows us a different and less usual side, with the use of woven fabrics in bold checks, similar to those once worn by our grandparents (men and women) for working in the fields, in direct contact with the earth and the rhythms of nature. Madras fabrics were in great demand both in the more recent past and during the last century, and typically represent the peasants and farmers who worked to make the land fruitful and fertile, and with great sacrifice and toil gathered the fruits of their daily labours. As well as using the checked fabric for shirts and dresses, they also used it to make aprons, neckerchiefs, headscarves and shawls. Our new Long shirt design includes 10 different models, in as many different colours, and is made entirely of the pure wool tartan so popular with the British people. Our new garments highlight the softness, fluidity and warmth of the wool, and come in several new lengths. They are also extremely adaptable and wearable and can be worn at any time of day, and used to create many different looks: in fact, they can be used as duster coats, layered with other garments or worn alone; a basic garment with a very strong personality.