Collection Spring Summer 2023


“De gustibus” is the inspiring theme of the new SS23 Cettina Bucca collection.

Levity and joy characterize the "taste" and appearance of the looks, always being faithful to the unique stylistic essence and brand identity.

Although food is a primary and vital need of the human being, it goes further the usual obvious function of body fuel since it is also benefit, beauty and inspiration.

A natural gesture like eating turns into a cultural gesture, creating a moment that becomes a social pleasure linked to conviviality, meals sharing and the conversation that comes with it; the same pleasure that from need has been transformed into knowledge, into food value appreciation through the culinary elaboration and gastronomic culture.

The consumption of food is the expression of choices, behaviors, attitudes that have been defined by individuals throughout their history.

Paople want their food not to be only "good to eat", but also, quoting Lévi-Strauss, to be "good to think at", because among all the things we feed, there are also ideas.

The collection explores in a playful and cheerful way the theme that reach its maximum expression in the fluttering and light summer dresses.

Wide lines, soft or tight waist using strategic cuts, clothes suitable for all personalities; bright colors, small and large prints get mixed up with each other, spreading a single message: food is essential for health and is precious for what it represents.

The precision and tailoring of the cuts are complemented by the exclusive prints that make the fabrics personalized and dynamic, testifying the craftsmanship and sartorial that has always identified the brand.

The fabrics chosen are natural and to a small extent also recycled, coming from eco-sustainable and green companies.

The colors shine bright and harmonize mixing with each other in a lively palette.

The lines’ sensuality and delicacy  mark out the romantic clothes with a strong identity without renouncing to the perfect combination of comfort and elegance, practicality and style.

Scarves are as always a must have and their prints show the countless ways in which they can be worn.