Cettina Bucca brand was created in 2010 as an atelier of handmade customized suits and it became soon an exciting adventure in the world of the Made in Italy.

Every dress is unique in its style thanks to the beauty and the high quality of its fabrics. The collection inspiration come from a thought, a dream, a detail figured out coincidentally and it gives life to exclusive wefts without space and time.

Prints come to life from every single inspiration, from the stylist and the brand designers imagination and passion whom shape original and unique patterns and paintings. The colours, intense or soft, vivid or delicate, transfer sensations and emotions felt during the intuition.

The draws born from traditional methods, using paint brushes, or from modern methods like graphics tablets and dedicated software. Lately the original draws are transferred on fabric by Italian specialized companies.

Cettina Bucca Couture is passion, artisan knowledge and sustainability: our team is made up of many young talents lead by the creativity of Cettina Bucca, art director and founding member. The brand is inspired by the Italian identity and also by courage and generosity which are at the base of the entrepreneurial attitude and job.