Collection Fall Winter 2022-23


Carousels. For spinning, jumping, running and dreaming. Roundabouts for all ages, for all tastes.
At a time when hope has become thinner, more evanescent and intangible, talking about funfairs, games, dreams and wishes, as only children can do, is heartening, boosts confidence, anticipation and is a good omen.
Joy and cheerfulness are expressed in our prints, in a variety of fantasies, playing with colourful carousels, moving roundabouts, candyfloss, creative paths, raids in the snow, the faces of the characters met in these playful and recreational places. The inevitable floral motifs and checks complete the cheerful and playful proposals for next winter.
The FW 2022/23 collection by Cettina Bucca takes inspiration from refined materials, fine workmanship and iconic clothes. Embroidered and precious fabrics give life to a collection that can be combined in many ways and used in a thousand different occasions. In it coexist harmoniously coats with tailored lines that are infinitely enveloping and warm, soft dresses or more linear silhouettes that reach from the knee to the ankle in an interplay of different sizes and lengths. The skirts and trousers, wide or more shaped, are the right connection with the long jackets with a very feminine line. The fabrics are always natural, full of light and nuances: shiny silks, ribbed velvet, embroidered or printed wools, delicate chachemire, shiny viscoses and warm cottons worked in relief and doubled. The colours are bright, alternating with earthy or unusual shades. The palette is nourished by contrasts: bright shades of intense blue, pinks and bright reds meet intense yellows and fluorescent fuchsia. The whole play of colours is reminiscent of the steep descents of roller coasters.